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Puzzle Game of the Week - Nuclear Reaction

Monday, May 14, 2018

Prepare for a real challenge that can be enjoyed on your Android device – a fun brain-teasing game called Nuclear Reaction! This is a unique puzzle strategy game app for users of any age and it’s here to entertain you for hours. We love this game so much that we decided to pronounce it as an Puzzle Game of the Week!

What is this game about?

This puzzle strategy game is developed on Android platform as one easy to play, fun and yet highly challenging puzzle game which is offering users to tease their brain and test their puzzler skills by creating smart strategies in order to solve each of the puzzles offered. The game is offering HQ original artwork and graphics with fun sound effects that the players will enjoy for the user and all the players need to do is to pick their avatar, username, and country to start playing. Players can choose to play locally or online and get their chance to compete with players from all around the world. 

Why do we choose this puzzle game?

Nuclear Reaction has to offer its players one exciting, addictive and challenging puzzle gameplay while keeping their attention with the amazing features offered. On the game, players have just one task to fulfill in order to solve their puzzle players need to take control of the board by eliminating the opponents’ atoms. With taking a turn, the players will place their atoms in a cell and when the cell reaches its critical mass, the atoms will explode into the surrounding cells and add extra atoms for claiming the cell for the player. The player can only place their atoms in a blank cell or a cell that contains atoms of their own color and as soon as a player loses all their atoms, the game will end.  

Players need to choose their avatar, their country, and their username, and the game offers 2 to 8 players to play and compete against each other, choosing to play with players from the world or with friends. The game allows players to choose from cool avatars, fun orbs to pick from, to buy upgrades, to record and share screenshots and gameplay. The players that win and have the highest scores can share their wins with others on social media if they want. Just by using their brain, players will have the chance to win by thinking logically and strategically to solve the puzzle.

Download this game on Google Play for free now to create test your strategic thinking and solve the puzzle!

Official Website: Nuclear Reaction

Google Play Download Link: Nuclear Reaction


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