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Arcade Game of the Week - Shoe Hit

Thursday, May 10, 2018

For all arcade game lovers, here comes an extremely addictive Android game called Shoe Hit. Get ready for some throw and hit adventure that will challenge all your brain cells to their fullest! We, at our office, still can’t stop playing this game, so we decided to share it with you again as out Arcade Game of the Week.

What is Shoe Hit?

Shoe Hit is an endless throwingand hitting adventure, designed for Android devices, for players of any age. If you want to test your precision skills or just to have some fun no matter where you are, Shoe Hit is the right game for you. It is designed with neat controls, friendly user interface, amazing HD graphics and engaging sound effects that will enhance your user experience. Let’s see what the gameplay’s all about.

How to Play?

The main objective in this arcade game is to hit the characters on the screen with the shoe pairs you have. You will have the chance to choose from 6 pair of cool shoes and then start throwing them at the characters. Pick from 3 different characters and hit them as many times as you can, because the more hits you make, the higher your scores will be. Note that the characters will be moving and hiding constantly, which means you will have to stay focused on your screen and show your best precision skills. Just throw the shoes, hit the characters and earn unbeatable points to challenge yourself to the fullest!

If you want to try this amazing game, you can get it from the following Google Play link – it’s totally free for download!

Google Play Download Link: Shoe Hit


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