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Action Game of the Week - Country War

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Whether you want to enjoy a good war game on your Android or iDevice, or to fight along with your buddies in challenging FPS war missions, we’ve got the right game for you. Country War is one of our favorite action games; we’ve been playing it nonstop lately. That’s why we’re sharing it today with you as an Action Game of the Week. Discover the game’s features in our review below!

What is Country War?

Country War is perfect for players that want to feel the excitement of fighting in world wars, for all of those that want to enjoy action shooting games. This is one of the coolest Android and iOS games we’ve ever played because it’s designed with realistic sounds, 3D graphics and a challenging gameplay that puts your war skills to a test. Let’s see what the gameplay’s all about.

Game Features

In this gameplay you will be playing as a Commando who is on a mission on winning the whole world. You will have to take your own army to the battlefield and carefully plan attacks. Use the best weapons and shooting skills in order to fight and win over your enemies. Just choose a country to play with and use the on-screen controls to move, run and shoot. By killing more enemies you will earn higher scores and place yourself on the top of the game’s leaderboard. Team up with the best fighting squad, play against other players from all around the world with the PvP multiplayer and lead your country to the top. Country War features various game modes, such as Bomb Mode, Capture the Flag and many more, it offers powerful weapons, like sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, pistols to fight, etc.

Country War is simple to play, but tough to master. See if you can become the leader of the world by downloading the game for free from the following link.

Google Play Download Link: Country War

App Store Download Link: Country War


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