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Arcade Game of the Week – GETCHA

Monday, June 4, 2018

Want to win big by playing the old school claw machine game? Meet GETCHA, an Android real-time claw machine game where you need to catch and earn diamonds to get your chance to win gifts. Fun and unique, this app is our Arcade Game of the Week for many reasons.

What is this game about?

This is one highly fun and addictive real-time claw machine game that is developed on android platform as a game that offers players to win big each time just by catching and earning GETCHA diamonds. On the game players have their chance to win many attractive gifts with collecting their diamonds and exchanging them in the shop. Players are also offered to engage with players from the whole world to share, reuse, resell or give their items for free to any player they like. With this platform players will be able to share the love and give out to anyone in need.

Why do we choose it?

GETCHA has to offer users amazing features that will get them addicted to playing on their first try. Players just need to use the keypad displayed on their phone to control the claw machine while catching GETCHA diamonds. On the game users will be able to enjoy 2 Camera views that allow better understanding on the distance on target and the red laser points to the target for their catch. With collecting the diamonds, users have the chance to exchange them for many attractive gifts available in the shop with even free shipping offered worldwide.

Players can engage with each other on a live chat, sharing diamonds, reselling their items, reusing items or giving items to anyone they like for free. More than just playing and winning, players are also offered to become sellers and earn even more diamonds. The diamonds can be shared with others for winning even more, or sharing them and shopping with them for gifts in the GETCHA shop. Just exchange diamonds for the favorite gift.

Download this game for free now on Google Play to join the fun and engage with players worldwide!

Google Play Download Link: GETCHA


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