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Most Useful App of the Day - Wisdy - Wise Advice

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Are you struggling with some serious issue? Or you simply don't know what to do in a certain situation? Well our today's Most Useful App of the Day is sure to help you! Wisdy for iOS is one of the best apps to get advice from wise people that are also part of the network. With global users and open social platform, you can find found advice when you most need it.

Simple sign up process

It's very easy easy to start using Wisdy. You can sign up via Facebook or email andinstantly ask a question to get advice. But before you ask a question, you can browse through the other people's questions and answers.

Of course, the app works both ways. You can also give answer to people questions and help them solve their problems based on your knowledge and experience. And you can really connect with anyone which answers you like.

The app can be of extreme help to any aspect of your life and it is really a fun app to spend time on. You can learn a lot by using Wisdy on a daily basis.

Get it for free - currently available only for iOS.

App Store Download Link: Wisdy - Wise Advice


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