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Cross-Platform App of the Week - Vacay – Places NearBy Me

Thursday, October 4, 2018

If you want to search for local business, services, and many service providers and get directions to them in your area, we have the right app to help you out. We’re talking about Vacay – Places NearBy Me, an awesome cross-platform app that navigates for your needs. It is our choice for a Cross-Platform App of the Week for many reasons. Read about them in the following article.

What is Vacay – Places NearBy Me all about?

The Vacay – Places NearBy Me is a location app which is very helpful and practical offering each user a chance to discover local businesses, services and service providers in his area based on his current GPS location, instantly on his phone. By using the app that is developed for Android and iOS, users are able to search for restaurants, hotels, resorts, taxi services, rentals and much more easily and quickly. The user is getting directions for the place he searched for any time he needs it, directly on his phone.

Standout features

This location app is offering users amazing features that will help them in discovering places nearby on their phones without much effort, all based on their current GPS location. The directions are given to users with details how to get to that place and the app is also registering the places the user searched for. This app offers a route finder which will help users to find any distance and route between two locations as well. Users by using the app can easily search for popular choices of resorts, restaurants, hotels, childcare, taxi services, repair services, car rentals and much more as they can discover food near, finding all restaurants in their area.

All newest and hottest hotels can be easily discovered on the app and users can also search for nearby businesses, services, and professionals they need.   On the app can also be discovered highly-rated spas, salons, and massage therapists. Each user is also able to add their own business listing within the app and also get business information on places with their ratings, phone number, and address.

Download it for free on Google Play and App Store to discover local places based on your current location!

App Store Download Link: Vacay – Places NearBy Me

Google Play Download Link: Vacay – Places NearBy Me


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