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Magnet Jump – Addictive Tap Arcade Game for Android Players

Thursday, November 1, 2018

When it comes to casual games that you can play on your smartphone anytime and anywhere you are, the most popular ones are certainly the tap and arcade games. However, if you are looking for a combination of these games, choosing the most exciting and entertaining one can be quite difficult. Luckily for you, we are here to help you out. We searched and we discovered one fun and yet challenging tap arcade game that will get you addicted to playing fast.

What is Magnet Jump all about?

Magnet Jump is a tap arcade game which is very fun, addictive and challenging for the players that like to test their arcade skills. Developed on the Android platform, very easy for playing, the game offers a challenging tap gameplay for the players while they enjoy the cool sound effects and sharp graphics. On this arcade, players have to react fast and race against the limited time while their magnetic charge is depleting. Just by tapping, players will get to keep the charge up and win the highest scores.

Magnet Jump Features

Magnet Jump will get each arcade player addicted to the game on their first try, challenging his skills each time he plays. The players on the game only need to tap to move up and release to move down, to keep their magnetic charge up. The health bars are available on the top of the screen, the black representing the negative energy and the red representing the positive energy of the player. Each player with tapping and jumping is able to keep the magnetic charge up while being careful and avoiding the electromagnetic coils that drain chunks of his energy while the time is running.

When the energy is completely drained out, the player will lose the game. With touching the ceiling, players increase their negative energy and with touching the floor players increase their positive energy. Because of the limited time, the game is challenging players to tap and jump fast to win their high scores while keeping their magnetic charge up as long as they can by avoiding the electrical coils.

Download this game on Google Play for free and race against time as your magnetic charge depletes!

Google Play Download Link:  Magnet Jump


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