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Puzzle Game of the Week - Mosaic Magic

Thursday, November 29, 2018

If you want to plat an innovative puzzle game full of fun and challenging jigsaw puzzles, anywhere and anytime on your Android or iOS, you’re at the right place. Today we’re sharing with you our Puzzle Game of the Week, an awesome cross-platform game called Mosaic Magic. Read on to find out everything about the game and why we love it so much!

What is Mosaic Magic?

Mosaic Magic is an amazing jigsaw puzzle game that features gorgeous mosaic crafting experience, easy to play with one finger, just drag the pieces to assemble it and solve the jigsaw puzzles. Developed for android and IOS users, this puzzle game offers an incredible innovative and unique concept of 3 mosaic pieces selection which is relevant to the player’s current screen. Highly addictive and exciting, this mosaic jigsaw puzzle offers each player to relax and enjoy the anti-stress experience with the colorful art style mosaics.

Standout Features

This jigsaw puzzle game is not limiting you to one screen but is offering you the ability to scroll freely around the puzzles, to zoom in and out with a double tap or just a pinch gesture. Players can rotate the device too and play in the horizontal mode. Two modes are offered on each puzzle, the beginner suitable for kid with a regular grid of the mosaic tiles and the advanced more challenging and suitable for grown-ups. By turning off the hints by default and relying just on the shapes of the puzzle pieces the player can make each mission more challenging.

Each solved puzzle can be zoomed out so the player can see the pure magic. As a reward for each solved puzzle, you will get a fascinating 3d time-lapse video that you can share with others. Super-moves, combos and power-up pieces are offered to make the game more exciting and to multiply your scores. The incredible library of jigsaws offers up to 1200 pieces and is updated constantly. Different puzzle categories are available to choose from like animals, pets, technology, fantasy and other. Your progress is automatically saved upon any interruption of the game.

Download it on Google Play and App Store for free to solve the jigsaw puzzle and get an amazing 3d video award!

App Store Download Link: Mosaic Magic

Google Play Download Link: Mosaic Magic


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