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Most Innovative App of the Week – Fann Direct

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Earlier this week we reviewed Fann Direct as a new service provider social network. However, due to its uniqueness and cool innovative idea we decided to give it another well-deserved appraisal. In short, this app lets you find service providers that are recommended or tested or known by someone in your friends or family network. This increases level of trust and relevancy and makes it easy to find the best service for your needs. You can also offer services and get more clients. Read more about the app below. 

What is this on demand service network about?

This is a very reliable on demand service network which is developed on android and iOS platform, very easy to use and user-friendly, offering both service providers and clients to easily connect with each other within the same friends and family. The app offers amazing interactive home screen navigation and features with a simple splash screen which will help users to find and connect with service providers directly on their phone like dentist, lawyers, mechanics, with who they share the same family and friends.

Why you’ll love Fann Direct?

Fann Direct helps users in their search for service providers and businesses within a reliable network of their family and friends. Consumers on the app will connect with their choosen business and all that with more confidence that the job will be done by the right person. The users on the app are provided with ratings of customers, reviews and pictures of the service providers in order to ensure them with quality and satisfaction. On this app, the service providers also are able to use the app for posting their promotions and appointment booking to attract customers with ease. Service providers and clients can also post on the on demand service feed, to talk with friends or to seek jobs easily. 

The on demand service network is offering a search feature which helps the users to search for different types of business names and services and quickly find anyone they are looking for. To find a job as a service provider or to find a specific service provider is efficiently and effortlessly done with this app with saving a lot of time searching for the right person. 

Download this app on Google Play or App Store for free to connect with service providers through a reliable network!

Official Website: Fann Direct  

Google Play Download Link: Fann Direct  

App Store Download Link: Fann Direct


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