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Fitness App of the Month - Simple Fit

Friday, January 11, 2019

Improve your strength, endurance and mobility, achieve your fitness goals in a more convenient and easier way! Meet Simple Fit, one of the most powerful health and fitness apps on the iOS platform. It has everything to fit your needs, thus we’re sharing it with you today as our Fitness App of the Month. Let’s tell you why we love it so much.

What is Simple Fit?

Simple Fit is a personal workout planner that can help the users to get fit and stronger, and to easily achieve their fitness and health goals. Developed for iOS users, the app helps you improve your mobility, strength, and endurance directly from your phone, allowing you working out anytime and anywhere you want to. With the help of this app, you are able to gain muscle or lose weight with the personal adaptive training plan depending on your goals and needs. 

Standout Features

This personal workout planner offers strength workouts for fitness studios, workouts at home and endurance workouts as running to help you achieve your fitness and workout goals faster and easier. Using this app will help users to learn everything there is about the nutrition plan and the workout program that is the best based on their needs and goals. The adaptive training plan is crafted based on the user’s needs, fitness level and goals. Anytime and anywhere, start your workout out.

Just choose the available equipment and your plan will adapt. Users can create their own custom workout plan and with the app’s instructions and videos, users can achieve their goals without much effort or time wasted. Track your progress easily because all the workouts are logged and constantly be aware of your achievements and how far did you get. Directly on your phone, on the go start your training and enjoy yourself while achieving your goals.

Download it for free on App Store to improve your strength, endurance, and mobility and achieve your fitness goals!

App Store Download Link: Simple Fit

Official Website: Simple Fit


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