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Arcade Game of the Week – Traffic Raffle

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tons of tap games are developed for our smartphones which makes it hard for us to choose the most fun and exciting one to play. Traffic Raffle is an incredibly fun and interesting to play tap game that gives you the chance to enter and play in competitions and win some amazing real prizes if you are able to win as high scores as possible. We liked this game so much, we decided to be our Tap Game of the Week. Read more about it.

What is Traffic Raffle all about?

If you like to win prizes by playing, this tapper game offers you all that. The game is simple for playing and it’s developed for both android and IOS users, giving players a chance to enter competitions and compete for some of the prizes available. All the player needs to do is to tap fast when the traffic light is green and don’t tap the yellow light which will freezes his scores and the red light also because it doesn’t bring scores. In a given time, tap when the light is green to get as much scores as possible.

Standout features

To make it even more interesting for you winning real prizes, the game offers you 2 different modes. In the competitive mode you can enter a competition and play, trying to win some of the prizes offered just by tapping as fast as possible when the traffic light is green in the limited time you have. In the practise mode you can test your skills and practise before you enter a competition in the game. Different amazing prizes are offered for the best player of each competition such as gift cards, smartphones and many more. To enter a competition, you need to sign up. When the light is green try to continuously tap as fast as possible to win as much scores as possible. Avoid to tap the red and yellow traffic light.  Rank among the 3 of the best players in the competition you enter if you like to win some of the prizes. Claim your prize when the competition ends.

Download it for free now on Google Play and App Store to enter and play in competitions to win prizes!

App Store Download Link: Traffic Raffle

Google Play Download Link: Traffic Raffle


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