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Android App of the Week – wheelCal

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wheel size calculators are a great choice for all car owners and drivers that are having problems to choose the wheel sets that fit their car perfectly. wheelCal is an amazing  wheel size calculator that offers you find out if your desired rim and tire size match your car and ensure the perfect fitment on your vehicle. Because of all that this app offers, we decided to pronounce it as our Android App of the Week. Read more about it.

What is wheelCal?

wheelCal is a practical car app for all car owners out there that need help to find out if their desired rim and tire size matches their car. The app is easy to use, especially created as a wheel size calculator and it’s developed for Android users. With this app, you get to compare wheel sets with instant visual feedback to ensure the perfect fitment. No account or online connection is required to use the app or manage your wheel sets and all that is offered without any ads or in-app-payments.

Why do we love wheelCal?

This car app for wheel size calculation offers various helpful features that will make it easier for you to calculate and compare wheel sets and make sure you get the perfect fitment to your car.  Compare two sets of wheels with all tire and rim specs using this app easily. The app will also store and load your wheel configurations to build your personal database and all it will suggest the closest matching tire based on the selected rim size.

Into account, the app takes spacers and it supports metric and imperial units. You can search for matching wheels, tires, rims or spacers online. The speed error will be calculated and you will be able to set upper and lower limits. The app will also output the change in clearance compared to your reference wheel. Users will be sent an e-mail with their configuration to themselves, a friend or a dealer.

Download the app for free now on Google Play to calculate and find out which wheel sets fit your car!

Google Play Download Link: wheelCal


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