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Puzzle Game of the Week – Candy Burst Mania

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Candy Burst Mania was reviewed by our team a few days ago. This puzzle match game impressed us with the fact that it can be played offline, with the unique levels and variety of bonuses. Read more why we decided to pronounce it as our Puzzle Game of the Week.

 What is Candy Burst Mania?

Candy Burst Mania is a new android match 3 puzzle game. Featuring 50+ levels, with more being added frequently, this game offers a lot of fun classic sweets matching challenges. Like in the similar match 3 games, in Candy Burst Mania you need to complete the challenge requested in the level.

Beautiful and vibrant visuals

Designed with a large collection of sweets and a funky soundtrack, the whole ambiance of the game is really enjoyable. As expected, the starting levels are easy and fun, but as you get going you will get to some really hard challenges.

In order to get help in the harder levels, you can use your coins for some powerups. And besides passing the levels, you can get more coins by using your bonus or spinning the wheel.

Overall, Candy Burst Mania will offer you fun times if you are a fan of the genre. The fact that you can play it offline also makes it a great commute game and an exquisite brain training time killer.

Google Play Download Link: Candy Burst Mania


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