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Casual Game of the Week - Touch Me Not

Monday, January 13, 2020

We already introduced all lovers of tap games, the dynamic tap touch game with innovative concept that will test your skills while you try to be as fast and precise as possible to get the ball to reach home. But because we loved this game so much, we decided to be our Casual Game of the Week. 

What is Touch Me Not?
Touch Me Not is developed for Android users as a dynamic tap touch game that offers fast and exciting do not touch the line and crush gameplay to entertain you while challenging your skills. See how long you can go without touching the wall in this quest while you try to make the ball reach home and get to the next challenge.

Why Do We Love It?
Touch Me Not offers simple rules such as don’t touch the lines and drag the ball to follow the path and collect the diamonds. With 3 available game modes and tons of fun levels to see how long you can go, test your skills. 
Aside from avoiding the crash and follow the line, the challenges at various levels can be quite hard, the levels start simple but with progressing they are more and more complicated so you need to be precise and very attentive. Be calm and show your best skills to get through the most demanding paths while avoiding obstacles to make the ball reach home. 
Download it now on Google Play for FREE to enjoy this addictive do not touch the line crash gameplay!
Google Play Download Link: Touch Me Not


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