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Fighting Game of the Week – Megabot Battle Arena

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Megabot Battle Arena was already discussed here as the chaotic and thrilling robot building and robot fighting game where you could enroll in exciting robot fighting, compete against opponent's machines and try to claim the championship. We loved this game so much, we decided to be our Fighting Game of the Week. 

Basic Introduction
This robot battle game is quite thrilling and highly chaotic with an intense robot building and robot fighting gameplay to test your skills. Developed on the IOS platform, the game offers high-quality 3D graphics and cool physics gameplay. Enroll in the battle style robot fighting to compete against opponent’s machines and destroy them to claim the championship title.

Gameplay, Boosters, Championships, and More
Megabot Battle Arena allows you to build a robot fighting machine intuitively and customize it as you want to prepare it for the battle arena. To build the robot just drag parts to the machine and tap to enter the robot battle, getting matched with an opponent’s machine fast. Outsmart your opponents by activating boosters in the right time to dodge attacks, close it, and deal extra damage to their robot machines. 

Unlock powerful robot parts as you win more fights and equip your machine with powerful and brutal weapons to get competitive in the championships and rank high. You get more than 50 thousand robot combinations to experiment with different robot builds and create the ultimate robot fighter. Fight to destroy the robot machines of the opponent to win the championship title in the game.

Download it on App Store to build your destructive robot fighter and destroy the enemy’s machine!
App Store Download Link: Megabot Battle Arena


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