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VPN App of the Week - SunVPN

Monday, October 12, 2020


SunVPN was already reviewed and tested by the team of Intellectuapp. Since this reliable app impressed us, we decided to make it our VPN App of the Week. Read more why.

Basic Introduction  

This VPN proxy app is a great choice for anyone that likes to keep their online activities anonymous. Developed on the IOS platform, the app is safe and secure, encrypting your data and keeping it private. No login or registration is needed and no log is saved. Just tap to connected and the app automatically connects you to the fastest VPN server without much waiting.  


Access, Surfing, Protection, and More 

SunVPN with the features offered on it makes it easy and convenient for you to protect your privacy and surf the web safely. Get access to all the apps and websites no matter where you are, surfing social networks, YouTube, Netflix and more with ease. Surf the web anonymously and don’t worry about being tracked. 


Your device will be secured and your privacy will be protected whenever you are connected to public WiFi hotspots, cellular data, networks and all other public locations. Your password and personal data will be protected with the app too and you will be protected from any hacker attacks. The app will detect your location automatically and connect you instantly to the nearest server for the fastest connection. You can subscribe weekly, monthly, semi-annually and yearly to get the premium features of the app.  


Download this vpn for free app on App Store to surf anonymously and protect your privacy! 


App Store Download Link: SunVPN



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