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Grow Your Empire and Defend Your Kingdom - Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters

Friday, November 13, 2020



Idle Games is a genre of games with the simplest game mechanics. The name comes from the characteristic sound of the mouse when you click. In mobile interpretation, clickers are such “tapers”. If you are looking for a great idle game where you get to show your leadership and strategy skills, we found the one for you. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction  

This idle tower strategy an empire defense game is exciting to play and challenging enough to put your strategy skills on the test. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, the game requires from you to defend your tower and grow your kingdom. Become a leader and a king, managing your kingdom properly, growing your heroes and defending your kingdom from the enemies.  


Heroes, Weapons, and More 

Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters with its features and thrilling gameplay will get you addicted to playing fast. Use the right heroes, weapons and armors to defend your kingdom and tower from the attacks of the deadly creatures trying to destroy your land and people. Find powerful heroes and upgrade them by improving their health, attack speed, special attacks, growth and enhance the best heroes to upgrade your troops. Purchase heroes and troops for the ultimate tower defense by using coins. 


Weapons and armors can be collected when you explore the inventory and unlocking the chests. Create powerful troops and calvary to defend your kingdom the best. You can upgrade new talents, build and grow, farm and sell to grow your heroes and protect your lands. Walls and buildings can be upgraded too and you will get daily deals and winnings of free gems and gold. The speed of the RPG game can be changed and you can switch to hunt monster and endless mode for more thrill when playing. Choose from 3 camera angles to enjoy the tower defense clashes even more and control your kingdom growth even better.  


Download the game on App Store and Google Play to grow your empire and defend your kingdom! 

App Store Download Link: Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters   

Google Play Download Link: Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters  


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