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Make ringtones with your favorite part of the song with Ringtone maker

Monday, August 26, 2013

Remember back in the days when you had to buy ringtones via SMS? Or go to spammy websites to get chorus ringtones just to be cool? Or when you used sound software on your PC to cut verses or choruses from you favorite song and then transfer them to your phone? Well thank god that is all over for years now. Today we'll present you the best app for doing that on Google Play.

Ringtone Maker is so fast, simple and easy to use, you will be surprised. The app will automatically find all the music on your phone. Also, it can arrange the music by artists, tracks and albums. 

After you select the track (you need to click on the green arrow and select edit) you will see graph. There will be two arrows that you can manually move wherever you want and you can make the ringtone as long as you want. You can also enter from which second you want your track to start and end. There are also features like fade and volume, so you can make your ringtone to sound better and louder. On top of that there is a recorder, so you can record yourself, some speech or song, and use them as a ringtone. 

Pretty neat and useful app that I'm definitely keeping on my smartphone.

Google Play Download Link: RINGTONE MAKER


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