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Challenge yourself with Math on Tiles

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

If you are ready for a game that can fully challenge you, then get ready for the best math game available on the Android platform. Math on Tiles is relatively new puzzle game and we can assure you that it has the most original gameplay than any other game you've played before. Besides, it is designed with smooth interface and eye-calming backgrounds and colors.

Math on Tiles is suitable for all ages. The children who are learning about math basics can enjoy it and improve their math skills, but also it can be played by any adult who enjoys math equations and advanced math learners who are trying to challenge themselves. The game has tons of cool features. You can choose to play between 4 different difficulties and then try to complete the 300 free levels it offers. Your main goal is to find the right equation which is hidden in the tiles with multiple numbers and complete each level to get to the next. The equations will get harder to find, for example the question can require 3, 5, 7 or even 9 tiles.

Challenge your brain and with this universal math game and have fun along the way. Literally, anyone can play it. Compatible with any Android device, the game is free for download on Google Play, but there's a version with unlimited hints you can purchase.

Google Play Download Link: Math on Tiles


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