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Android App of the Day – Calculators

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Android devices have a metric ton of uses that range of ridiculously simple to absurdly complex. One of the simpler uses for an Android device is to use it as a calculator and this is one of the better uses. However, the stock calculator app is really simple. If you want an advanced, scientific or engineering calculator you must try our App of the Day – Calculators. This neat app contains 3 calculators in one app and it is one of the rare calculator apps that offer this features.

Calculators is a new app, but it has quickly gained solid user base and positive feedback because of the great set of features. When you open the app you will be able to pick from Scientific, Math and Concrete Calculator.

The scientific calculator all complete functions that will help you perform advanced calculations. No matter if it is tangent, secant, cube root or cotangent this can help you with any scientific operations. The concrete calculator will help you in your construction efforts and calculate walls, slabs, columns etc. The math calculator is the one you want to use when you need to calculate simple operations.

The app is free, simple, neat and basically it doesn’t spend any RAM at all. Get it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Calculators