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iOS App of the Day - Jellyfish Music Player

Saturday, July 9, 2016

As an owner of an iPhone 6 I must say that I love it. However, today I will present you an app that will help you tackle one of the few issues that iPhone users have – the problem when you try to use and transfer music without iTunes syncing. Well with Jellyfish Music Player you can easily transfer .mp3 files easily via USB and without iTunes sync.

In order to use the app you must use the “File Transfer” feature of iTunes however. Just connect your iPhone to a computer via USB, go to File Transfer and then open the app and tap “add files”. That’s it!

Once you transfer the music, the app enables smooth management with its intuitive UI and lovely set of features. You can create playlists, arrange your songs in folders and simple enjoy music like it should be enjoyed, smooth and flawlessly. Get Jellyfish Music Player for free on the App Store and enjoy your music in the right way!

App Store Download Link: Jellyfish Music Player