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Game Review – JACK Adventure

Saturday, May 26, 2018

For all lovers of fighting games out there is available a variety of choices that can satisfy their taste while challenging their skills of fighting. Among so many fighting games constantly developed for our smartphones finding a game that in the same time offers us excitement and challenges can be quite hard. Luckily for you, we decided to help and we discovered one great adventure fighting game that offers you all you are looking for in a fighting game. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is this game about?

This fighting game developed on android platform is very addictive, fun and exciting offering users to test their fighting skills by helping the character Jack to fight the evil powers in order to eliminate them and rid the world from them. Easy to play with simple on-screen controls players get to fight the evil monsters in different ways while they enjoy the HD graphics and cool sound effects. Testing the player’s skills in different missions, the game offers powerful weapons for fighting the evil powers.

Why do we choose it?

Jack Adventure gives its players the task to fight with their character Jack in order to help him with roaming forests, caves, snow and volcanoes for eliminating evil powers and riding the world from them. On the game in the world full of evil monsters, the player must move Jack to jump and fight the monsters in more than one way. The game is offering different missions for the player to test his skills and fight the monsters, eliminating them and progressing in another mission. In each mission the players need to collect coins so they can get their high scores. Also, the game offers an energy drink that the player can use to heal Jack when he is hurt. Because the evil monsters are powerful the player has to help Jack fight hard so he can collect energy that is users for developing powerful weapons for fighting those monsters. All players need to do is to help Jack, keep him save while fighting the monsters and saving the world from the evil powers.

Download this game now for free on Google Play to fight the evil monsters and save the world!

Google Play Download Link: JACK Adventure


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