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Wake Up Cry – Unique & Efficient Alarm Clock for Your Android

Saturday, May 26, 2018

If you have been having trouble waking up to get the day started or you have issues to get out of bed when your alarm goes on, there are many apps especially created as efficient alarm clocks, helping you and forcing you to wake up and get up instantly to start your day on time. Among so many apps offered, finding the right one can be hard. We decided to help you and we searched and discovered one amazing alarm app Wake Up Cry that offers you all you need. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is Wake Up Cry All about?

This alarm app is developed on android platform as one very easy to use, highly efficient and helpful tool which is offering its users to instantly wake up and get up with the sounds of a baby. Just by setting their alarm, users will be able to choose the mode that suits them the most and when the alarm starts they would not be able to ignore it and they will be forced to get up and take care of the baby for the alarm to stop. Wake up with a crying or happy baby and never sleep in again with this unique alarm.

Why do we choose it?

Wake Up Cry as a tool that works as an alarm clock has to offer users efficient features for them to wake up and get up on time. By using the app users will be able just with a click to set the time when they want and then just to choose the mode of a baby that they want to wake them up. On the app, users can choose between 2 modes, a crying or a happy baby. The crying baby is a bolder approach that requires from users to wake up and get up forced to take care of the baby to turn the alarm off. The happy baby is a gentler approach which requires from users to wake up and get up to give the baby a kiss in order to turn off the alarm clock. Users can choose the mode which suits them most and just with that they will be able to wake up every time on time, never being late or sleeping in again with this incredibly practical alarm clock.  

Download this app for free now on Google Play to take care of a baby and wake up always on time!

Google Play Download Link: Wake Up Cry

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