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Puzzle Game of the Week - Candy Fruit Blast Game

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Candy Fruit Blast Game is a super fun match 3 puzzle game that is fun with delightful gameplay, offering you hours of fun playing. Because we really enjoyed this game, the unlimited levels it offers, the challenges and all offered, we decided to be our Puzzle Game of the Week. 


What is Candy Fruit Blast Game? 

Candy Fruit Blast Game is a super fun match 3 puzzle game that is developed for Android users. It has wonderfully colored interface and delightful gameplay to enjoy. It’s easy to play and yet challenging for your skills as you try to solve the puzzles. Link and match to crash the fruity candies, playing and having hours of fun anytime and anywhere with this game.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This match 3 puzzle game offers variety of features and an amazing gameplay to enjoy. You’ll see fruits of different colors and shapes you need to link and match to see them crush and earn your points. Crush enough candies by matching or merging them to solve the puzzle and get to the next level. 

Earn rewards and unlock many new exciting abilities in the game. No complications in the interface, just swipe to match and crush the fruity candies. It has unlimited levels with lots of challenges to enjoy for as long as you’d like and each new level offers something new. New kinds of challenges will test your skills in each level as you progress. It’s suitable for all ages. You can play it even offline, without the need of an Internet connection. Play anytime and anywhere, match and merge the fruits to crash them and solve the puzzles in this game.  

Download the game now on Google Play to match and link the fruity candies to solve the puzzles! 

Official Website: Candy Fruit Blast Game   

Google Play Download Link: Candy Fruit Blast Game  


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