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Tool of the Month – Conre

Monday, April 5, 2021

We talked here about Conre already as the app that connects researchers and the general public. Because we loved the features offered for researchers to find participants and for the general public to join researches and get paid for it, we decided this app to be our Tool of the Month. 


Basic Introduction 

This reliable tool is easy to use and user-friendly, offering the chance for researchers and the general public that wants to participate in researches to connect with each other. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this app offers a convenient way for researchers to find participants and collect data and for participants to be a part of researchers and earn some money for it.  


For Researchers and Participants  

Conre is offeiring variety of features for both participants and researchers to connect with each other conveniently and easily. Researchers using this app get to post with ease and check the progress too. You can use the app to find diverse participants for your surveys, phone interviews or even in-person researches. On the app all of this is possible with a click. The app is compatible with survey platforms, no matter if you are using google forms, surveymonkeytypeforms or other survey platforms. 

You get to also decide who you are paying and how much you want to pay, export data to excel, CAPTCHA system and other. Participants with this app are getting an easy way to earn some money for their participation through PayPal credits, amazon gift cards, and cash for participating in researches and you can withdraw your earning as little as 1$. The app allows you to help researchers with their research and easy some money without much effort.  

Download it on App Store and Google Play to connect with researches or participants for researches! 

Official Website: Conre  

App Store Download Link: Conre  

Google Play Download Link: Conre 


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