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App Review – Waly is Your Pay Assistant to Never Spend Again without Earning Back

Friday, January 21, 2022

There are tons of apps available nowadays for you to keep track of your spendings and use the right ways to save money whenever and wherever you are spending your money. However, we looked and we found one pay assistant for you to never spend from your credit cards again without earning back. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction 

This pay assistant is offering for you to save more and earn more every day. Developed for IOS users, Safari, and Chrome browsers, this app is easy to use and user-friendly, offering you to maximize cashback and rewards from your credit cards. Save more on the go and earn more cash back, rewards, points or miles from credit cards whether you shop, dine, pay bills, on a daily basis.  


Earn More and Save More 

Waly with its features can help you save more and earn more from your credit cards every day. Just in 3 simple steps you can try out the app. You need to select the credit cards you own during onboarding, enable location services with automatic identification and the right credit cards to use, and follow the advice notifications when you pay to earn more cashback and save more with rewards. 

No matter if you are shopping stores online, buying groceries, dining, filling up gas, booking travel, paying bills, or spending on everyday purchases, this app gives easily saves you money from your cards. You will get automated advice notifications from over million places, over 5000 websites across 600+ reward categories with 300+ credit cards from major banks available within the app.

 It’s AI powered and it combines the card benefits, rewards, offers, and redemption values to give you the best advice. This is your one stop place for all your card rewards, offers and benefits, get all the ideas and tips you need to maximize your rewards with personal recommendations on credit cards to sign up based on spendings to earn more and better rewards with ease.  

Download it on App Store, Safari, and Chrome browsers to never spend again without earning back! 

Official Website: Waly  

App Store Download Link: Waly  

App Store Download Link: Waly for Safari  

Google Chrome Webstore: Waly