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Social Networking App of the Month – My CareCrew

Friday, January 21, 2022


My CareCrew was discussed here a couple of days ago as the cancer support community for patients to reach out for help and people to offer help to patients in need. Because we really liked this app and all it offers, we decided to be our Social Networking App of the Month. 


Basic Introduction 

This cancer support community it offers the chance to fight cancer with your CareCrew. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, it’s created by patients for patients, easy to use and simple for people to ask for help. You can even share a wish list of products, services, and experiences you need or wish for. Manage inflow of help offers, track and share moods and symptoms and any updates.  


Reach Out, Offer Help, and More 

My CareCrew helps patients to reach out for help for every step of their cancer journey. Download the app, create the account and setup. Invite friends and family to your private cancer support group, select a request, choose the help you want, insert any details, and ask members to pitch in. Also, you can attach documents, photos and messages. Offer help to cancer patients as well using this app. 

You can share the ways you can help and let them select the help they need too. On the app you can send voice messages, attach photos, documents and stay in touch with cancer patients at every step of their cancer care journey. It offers a cancer support tracker, wellness tracker, wish lists, notification reminders, journal and other. Get the things you need the most from your community by creating wish lists. 

You can add gift ideas and healthcare services you need to items and experiences you wish to get. Keep everyone updated no matter the cancer stage with this app. You can journal any thoughts, capture your mood, symptoms, and post status updates. With this app you can make your cancer journey a bit easier with the support you need and help cancer patients through their difficult journey. 

Download it on App Store and Google Play to reach out for support or offer help to cancer patients! 

Official Website: My CareCrew  

App Store Download Link: My CareCrew  

Google Play Download Link: My CareCrew 


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