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Top 7 Best Weather Widgets for Android

Saturday, November 30, 2013

We decided to present you the 7 best weather widgets for Android, after we presented only one - 1Weather, few weeks ago. 1Weather is truly great, but just to be fair to other developers, here are 7 more and they are all free.

7. The Weather Channel

This is the official app from maybe the biggest and most important weather forecast website - weather.com. Thus, it is the most downloaded and maybe the most professional weather app on Google Play. However, maybe they needed to do better job in the selection and design of their widgets. There are 3 sizes available, but their look is not that compelling. However, the app is extremely precise and frequently updated, so you decide if it's worth downloading. 

Google Play Download Link: THE WEATHER CHANNEL

6. Aix Weather Widget

This weather widget will give you 24 hour forecast in form of a graph. Depending of your location, you will get either forecast for every over of the day, or for every 3 hours of the day. It will give you very precise info about Mean Sea Level Pressure (MSLP), Relative Humidity and Precipitation

Google Play Download Link: AIX WEATHER WIDGET

5. Weather

Weather is maybe the most simple weather app on Google Play. UI is great and clean. The app offers precise hourly forecast, and forecast for the next 5 days.  We really liked the animated weather conditions. The widget  that you can use on your screen offers animation of the current weather condition and the current temperature. The developers wanted to make this app as light, and as simple as possible, so they didn’t include any other weather parameters like the other apps.

Google Play Download Link: WEATHER

4. Eye in the sky

Eye in the sky is simple, but yet very awesome Android weather widget. The precision of the forecast is solid, but not great, and although they don’t offer many info about other parameters of the weather, we really liked the widgets from this app. You can choose from 4 widgets: the standard 4x1 and 4x2, but also 1x1 which is circle shaped, and another 1x1 which is a rectangle. This is truly awesome as you can edit and customize the widgets. I used the circle widget for a while.

Google Play Download Link: EYE IN THE SKY

3. GO Weather EX

Created by the extraordinary team of GO Launcher EX, GO Weather EX is one of the best free weather widgets on Google Play. Although the app is free, these developers know how to make money from in- app sales. They offer different beautiful widgets to buy and if you want to remove ads you must upgrade to pro.  There is the standard weather info and 4 nice widgets that you can use on your home screen, but there is so little info in the 4x1 widget.  I liked the feature to set different types of notifications though. The precision of the forecast is solid, but this app seems a bit complex.  

Google Play Download Link: GO WEATHER EX

2. Yahoo! Weather

Weather app from a trusted company like Yahoo! is indeed a smart download . There is no question that this app is top quality. We used this app for couple of days and the accuracy is fairly good, as they use info from weather.yahoo.com, which is a trusted weather forecast source.

When you open the app, there is wallpaper from your location used from photos on Flickr. This is a great feature and with a simple tap you can see the whole picture. If you turn your phone in horizontal position you will get more detailed info about the weather like: sunrise, visibility, wind direction, moon visibility, wind speed, humidity etc.  You can also add multiple locations to your main one.

There are 3 widgets available that you can use: 2x2, 4x2 and 1x1. The 2x2 will use the photo of your city as a background.

Edit: Yahoo! Weather updated the app and it now includes 10 day forecast, new homescreen widgets and integration with Flickr.

Google Play Download Link: YAHOO! WEATHER

1. Accu Weather

Accu Weather is the app from the website AccuWeather.com. It offers the standard information about Humidity, Pressure, Wind Speed, but also give info about UV Index, Visibility and Dew Point. There is additional info about if the day is good for outdoor fitness, fishing, Travel etc.  There is hourly prediction and forecast for the next 2 weeks. You can choose from the two 4x1 widgets (one dark and one white) and one 4x2 widget.  

Google Play Download Link: ACCU WEATHER

By Dave Jamison

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